Monday, January 31, 2011

New Beginnings

Well, here we are, 2011.  Chris and I have been waiting for this week for some months.  On Friday, we move to Dublin and with that, we gain a whole host of new opportunities. 

On a morning such as this it is hard to believe we will be leaving behind the country beauty we love so much.  There is a lot to be said for watching the sun rise and fall through the trees, uninterrupted by buildings or human creation.  Still, for all the romance it offers, we discovered pretty quickly that moving to a new place and living in the deep country proved difficult for growing roots.  An American and a Northerner were forever to be "blow-ins" and always asked, "how long are you visiting for?" at the pub, no matter how many times we went in a week.. 

We will certainly miss the space for Jozy and the stunning Curraghchase National Park across the lane from our house, where Jozy and I frequently spend our afternoons.  We will miss the postman who invites himself to walk on in the back door and drop off our mail.... but we will not miss our post box with no key where our hands have to squeeze through the letter-shaped slot to reach our mail when the postman comes and we're out.  Further, we will not miss the well-water pump that cuts out half-way through a shower or late at night when you go to brush your teeth....  and yet, we will genuinely miss a few friendships we have made and know that this has been a worthwhile adventure.  There's a lot to learn when you're put in that desert place and we have grown immensely.  

So, here's a thanks to Ballinamona, Curraghchase.  Now it's off to continue packing and cleaning... 4 days till moving day, wish me luck!

I'll be seeing YOU again soon.... 

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