Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea Break # 3

Yes it is only 12:18 in the afternoon and yes, I am on cup of tea # 3.  The study at the back of the house is quickly filling with boxes and suitcases ready to go and I'm certainly getting a good work-out in the midst of it! So, whilst the laundry is mid-cycle and the pup is napping at my feet, I'll give you a little something for the day...

It feels in many ways like you have all walked through this house several times.  I wish that were true, but it struck me today that we really are leaving our first home behind and since many of you weren't able to trek out here, I thought I'd post a video of our home.  Please keep in mind the following:

1) We are mid-packing... it's a MESS
2) I know my accent is annoyingly messed up between Ireland and the US so humor me and tell me it's cute... For whatever reason, when I'm thinking about america and my friends and family there, the american accent slips out, but the longer I talk and the more I settle into my own mind, the Northerner comes out.... I sincerely apologise..
3) I realise that my video skills are amateur at best so please also forgive the earthquake effects.

I hope it gives you a little glimpse into what life was like in Limerick for us.

{Video upload has failed several days running...now that we are back in the city, our internet should allow me to add it asap! - coming soon I promise!)....

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