Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Perfect Pizza

How many times in our lives have we reverted to the weekend pizza?  hmmm? Well, we adore pizza.  Until recently though, the option of ordering in and having the wonderful delivery guy bring us one was non-existent... and to add insult to injury, the nearest pizza place was 25 mins away.  So, we delighted in the joys of pizza making nights!

There are so many great reasons to go for pizza the homemade way... you typically spend the same or less but get exactly what you want for toppings (and as many as you want!), you can make it healthier being conscious of your cheese choice, tomato sauce base and, again, toppings.... and you have great fun making it.

The recipe we used was BBC's Good Food "Perfect Pizza Base" :

We have created regular pizza bases and pizza from this but last night we were in the mood for Calzone!

I'll let you follow the perfect directions there and I'll simply let you enjoy the photos as it turned out...


  1. Fiona, yum. These look amazing--perfectly golden brown and so delicious, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing! Love you guys!

  2. Oh my goodness. That dough looks perfect! Adam and I might have to experiment with that recipe!

  3. I love those salt and pepper shakers. I should have bought one set for you guys and one for us! Wish I were having dinner at your house tonight!