Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alphabetography Art

I am almost ashamed to say that Pinterest is winning out in the moments when I catch 5 or 10 minutes to search the net for ideas and inspiration.  If you asked me what my learning style is, I'd say I'm visual.  I love to see things - I love to watch things, I love to take in moments captured by photos and film.  This is not to say that words aren't powerful and beautiful - they are.  For centuries we have known that - we have all celebrated in the richest of literary works and have been taught in schools how to analyse every syllable of every word on every page.  I love words.  But when it comes to pictures, well, pictures tend to speak to me in a very different way from words.  They not only lead me into a world of imagination, inspiration and ideas, but they hold me there.  They give me the starting block to stand on when I am trying to envision a concept, understand a situation or learn about a particular way something is done.  Pictures.  Pictures hold you there - where you feel something not from hearing it but from seeing it.

 Put together, words and pictures seem to me almost like new senses through which we are starting to explore our world more and more...

Recently, a good friend - whom I have known since we were Alphabetically placed beside each other on the first day of Grammar School (Elementary) at age 11 - has come up with a way to combine my two loves through art:  words and pictures.  Genius.

This media form is taking off all over the place whether in 'infographics,' the use of 'wordle' or in those wooden or fabric letters we use around the home to state something of our character, life or passions.  However, my clever friend Olivia, I believe, take it to a new level of beauty.  I realise I am woefully biased but please, take a look at the following and tell me you don't agree....



"Bake" - simply adorable....

This is her at work....where her Clutter IS Creative.....(you know I had to get that in there!)




Words and pictures.  Pictures that make words.  Here's to the success of Alphabetography Art.... In my mind, you're a winner!

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